University of Porto

portoUniversity of Porto [Universidade do Porto] is one of the largest institutions of education and research in Portugal: 15 faculties, about 31,000 students and 2,300 teachers and researchers, 69 scientific research centres. With origins dating back to the eighteenth century, UPorto is considered the best Portuguese University according to the majority of the international reference rankings for higher education and scientific research. CIIE (Centre for Research in Education) is the R&D centre involved in the EU-USR project. Established in 1988, CIIE researches key historical, contemporary and emerging issues of educational and social change and processes, in order to broaden the role of education in promoting equity, social inclusion and active citizenship.

Project team:
Isabel MENEZES (imenezes [at] -Team Leader
Alfredo SOEIRO (avsoeiro [at]
Joaquim Luís COIMBRA (jcoimbra [at]
Fernanda RODRIGUES (frodrigues [at]
Ema LOJA (emaloja [at]
José Pedro Amorim – (2014)
Thiago Freires Rodrigues – (2014)