menon_network_web_transpMENON is a European innovation and research network, established in Brussels since 1999. It provides information and advice to policy makers and authorities, education communities, and the ICT and media industry on issues that have to do with Education, Training, Lifelong Learning and Knowledge Society Development in Europe and worldwide. MENON provides the necessary insight to all the stakeholders of Education and Training in Europe to better understand the ICT market for education and training and the prevailing changes, to enhance a value-oriented and innovative the use of e-learning, and to develop useful e-learning applications and services of better quality.

The mission of MENON is to facilitate the evolution of the Knowledge Society in Europe and in other parts of the world, making learning a priority issue in policy agendas around economic, social and cultural development at both national and international level.

MENON represents a unique integration of multidisciplinary expertise and “Innovative thinking”. It can draw on a comprehensive and diverse knowledge base combining research methods and their application; network development and implementation; policy analysis and monitoring and valorizing innovative practices.

The network is active both at national level, through its members, and at transnational level, where the EEIG co-ordinates projects and other collaboration and support work to the European Commission and to international organisations. The MENON members are the Hellenic Association of Education in Greece, the Institute of Learning innovation (ILI) of the University of Erlangen Nuremberg in Germany, Scienter in Italy, the Tavistock Institute in the UK, the CEPCEP Institute of the Universidade Catolica Portuguesa in Portugal.

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