Scienter CID

logoscienternuevoSCIENTER CID is a research, consulting and services organization, active in the field of education and training that was created as a Limited Company at the beginning of 1.999. SCIENTER CID builds on the SCIENTER operational office active in Granada since 1996 and it counts on the experience provided by its main partners: SCIENTER in Bologna (Italy) with more than 23 years of relevant experience in the design and implementation of EU projects, the University of Granada, the University Enterprise Foundation of the University of Granada and Illes Balears and our main international partners: the MENON Network, the EFQUEL Association and the Orion Association for Latin America and the Caribbean.

Our role in the project is leading WP7, quality and evaluation and as such, will participate in all project activities. we have a special interest in this project as we are part of the University of Granada, one of the leading universities of the Andalusian working goup on University Social responsibility.

We are also partners on anoher project on social responsability in primary and pre-primary education, called ETHOS (

Project Team
M. Begoña Arenas (barenas [at] – Production director