EU-USR Preliminary Model Definition and Validation Report

The main objectives of the present EU-USR Preliminary Model Definition and Validation Report is described as follows:

  1. To present the University Social Responsibility Preliminary Model based on the final version of the Draft Benchmark Standards already tested in the framework of WP3.
  2. To present the results of the consultation processes with European Universities and Higher Education Institutions for the validation of this USR Model in terms of:
    1. Its coherence with University missions, values and activities.
    2. Its inclusiveness and comprehensiveness in terms of coverage of the USR areas and Benchmark Standards considered.
    3. Its usefulness as a Self-Assessment Tool which Universities can use as the basis of an action plan for improvement and enhancement of its social responsibility efforts.
  3. To present the practical off line toolkit for implementation of the USR Preliminary Model as a Self-Assessment tool for Universities.