USR Manifesto & Development Plan

USR Manifesto & Development Plan is a public declaration of principles and intentions. It is an attempt to develop a shared understanding, some shared reasons and, mainly, shared knowledge of practice on USR. It is intended to be  a tool to help shape the debate around USR and facilitating awareness, drawing on our in-depth and practical knowledge of the challenges that faced by the key actors of HE sector. As a bold and outstanding declaration that a group of people, united by a common vision and a common goal, launch to the public in order to explain what they stand for and are willing to work, sharing values  and objectives, identifying a way forward and containing a proposal for a strong and alternative model to the dominant one as well as pledging to play by certain rules. It is thought as the result of our collective experience and efforts to “unthink” and co-construct an innovative vision and methodology to enhance and promote social impact in HE institutions.