I International Conference on Social Responsibility of Universities, Spain, 20-21 February 2014

Event Details

The Forum of Social Councils of Andalusian Public Universities and the Social Councils Conference of the Spanish Public Universities are working on organizing the I International Conference on Social Responsibility of the University, to be held on 20-21 of February 2014, and based at the University of the Historic Town of Cadiz, Spain.

Main conference objectives are:

  • making a diagnosis of the current situation in which the University is at an international level, based on the analysis of the changes that are taking place in their background context;
  • debating the implications of SR and the role that should play the University before it;
  • defining how a project should be RSU and the convenient methodology to implement it, with particular reference to the mechanisms of information and communication of CSR such as sustainability reporting;
  • creating a network of university professors in Spain, Europe and Latin America interested and committed to the SR which becomes a permanent enrichment platform for ideas both to improve the internal functioning of the universities and to convey to society and the business community SR related values .
For more information please click here or email us at  paula.lechuga [at] uca.es