EU-USR Final Report

English Version / French Version /  Portuguese Version / Romanian Version / Spanish Version Executive Summary Though not a strong feature of the original Bologna Joint Ministerial Declaration of the European Ministers of Education (1999) that created the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) the social dimension of higher education became a central issue in subsequent Declarations, which recognised the important

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Synthesis Benchmarking Report

The D3.3 Synthesis Benchmarking Report (WP 3) provides an account of the process of development of Benchmark Standards for University Social Responsibility across the European Higher Education Area ( as the Common Reference Framework promised by the EU-USR Project. It sets out the rationale for the approach taken, explains how these Benchmark Standards relate to

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EU-USR Preliminary Model Definition and Validation Report

The main objectives of the present EU-USR Preliminary Model Definition and Validation Report is described as follows: To present the University Social Responsibility Preliminary Model based on the final version of the Draft Benchmark Standards already tested in the framework of WP3. To present the results of the consultation processes with European Universities and Higher

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EU-USR Multiplication Guidelines

The Multiplication Guidelines has two aims, to informs all institutions or persons interested in the University Social Responsibility about the results of the research project EU-USR- University Social Responsibility in Europe, and secondly, it aims to be a useful and practical tool to introduce social responsibility in universities across Europe.

USR Manifesto & Development Plan

USR Manifesto & Development Plan is a public declaration of principles and intentions. It is an attempt to develop a shared understanding, some shared reasons and, mainly, shared knowledge of practice on USR. It is intended to be a tool to help shape the debate around USR and facilitating awareness.

Synthesis of Best Practice

The Synthesis of best practice report contains a literature review on the subject of university social responsibility (USR) and a study on USR good practice in Europe with the collection and analysis of 40 cases from European universities. Documentary analysis was captured in a good practice identity card template. The procedures for analysis include: tabulation

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